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Dialysis Bed

One of Metotec’s services is providing design and production of product samples along with setting up the production line.
Arya Teb Firouz
medical device
Saeed Khosravi

Overview Projects

In the dialysis chair design and production project of Aria teb Firouz Company, BOM plan and OPC plan and Technical file
(for obtaining production permits) were prepared by compiling the design process and checking the production capacity of the company.
also, during meetings, we determined the list of suppliers of some parts and completed the rest of the process inside the company by purchasing raw materials, recruiting and training expert staff, compiling quality control guidelines, and completing our mission with producing 150 dialysis chairs and dining tables for hospital.
Among the challenges of this project, we can point out the lack of allocation of sufficient resources in the industrial design department, lack of technical force in the human resources department, and limited materials in the market in the supply department, all of which were resolved during the processes designed and implemented by the Metotec team.


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