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EEG Headset Design

The EEG headset design project was started with the approach of creating transformation in conducting clinical tests related to epilepsy. We decided to change the nature of the device from a laboratory product to a home headset by designing unique mechanisms. This have a significant impact on the target market and its sales.
Institute for Biomagnetism
medical device
2022 – 23
Saeed Khosravi
Zahra Keshavarz
Elnaz Fatemi

Overview Projects

Designing a device to target specific points on the human brain is a significant challenge. This is due to the differences in head size and shape between individuals and the complex principles of head ergonomics. To overcome these challenges, we implemented two mechanisms in the design of the device –
one from top to bottom, and the other from left to right. These mechanisms ensure that the electrodes are placed accurately on the desired points without causing any harm to the hair or scalp. This personalized approach allows each person to customize the headset to their unique requirements.
To solve some of the biggest challenges in monitoring functional brain health and brain disorders, our team worked with top-notch experts in medicine, data collection and brain analysis at the University of Münster in Germany. To manage the very complex wiring that is inside this device, two separate shells with a suitable wiring system were used, and these wires were fixed in place by bases inside these two shells, and in case of need for repairs or replacement, The electrode where easily open and accessible using by a screw.
we pursuit to ensure optimal comfort and softness at the frontal and posterior regions of the head, we opted for a blend of fabric, foam, and Velcro instead of rigid materials. This combination facilitated the adjustment of electrodes to fit various head sizes. Moreover, to avoid exerting excessive pressure on the patient’s head, the entire device was designed to be secured onto different individuals’ heads using zippers and distinct mechanisms incorporated into each rail.


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