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Urban Lighting

Atlas noor
Saeed Khosravi
Jalal Hashemi
Ramin Ahmadi

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This street lamp have been designed with a unique form and the use of high-quality European LED lamps and lenses, high strength, suitable heat transfer
to increase the life of LED lamps and increase the efficiency of the light and consume very little energy compared to gas street lights for alley lighting.
• Die-cast aluminum body with electrostatic powder coating • The light housing is double-walled with a frame and standard tempered glass with a thickness of 4 mm to prevent the lenses from coming in contact with moisture, dust and smoke in the environment. • The possibility of choosing various optical diagrams, due to the use of high-quality standard European acrylic lenses with an efficiency of more than 95%
• The possibility of installing lights on vertical and horizontal bases and the ability to change its angle • Diecast aluminum bracket for easy access to the internal equipment of the lamp without the need for tools • Optimal body heat transfer due to its special design • Heat and pressure resistant sponge silicone sealing gasket • IP65 degree of protection for the whole lamp • High quality electrical connections


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