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The main element of Iran Design Center competitions is the lotus flower, which is a symbol of spiritual growth.
Iran Design Center
Saeed Khosravi
Elnaz Fatemi
Marziye Karimpour

Overview Projects

Using this symbol and its concept, an elongated column with a strong base was designed, on the top of the column,
the lotus flower stands out and inspires the audience with a sense of prosperity and spiritual growth.
On the other hand, instead of using general materials such as plexiglass and laser operations and manufacturing methods that are common in Iran, we used more special materials and manufacturing methods. In this way, the whole product is made of aluminum alloy material in one piece,
and in this process, from the extrusion mold to make the columns, CNC to create the lines of the lotus flower on the column, as well as cutting the base cubes, anodized plating for the color and then in Finally, laser was used to engrave the writings.


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