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Unix U500

UNIX U500 ultrasound is used in physiotherapy equipment and for physiotherapy treatments which has 58 treatment protocols of 1MHZ and 3MHZ.
Arman Pooya Co.
medical device
Dr. Hassan Rezvan
Mohammad Faridi Zad
Saeed Khosravi
Masoud Faridi Zad
Ali Ahmadi

Overview Projects

The ultrasound device had a 4-inch screen, but due to the possibility of changing the dimensions of the device’s LCD for subsequent productions,
in order to avoid additional costs for molding and also to create a gestalt in the design of the device, a space equivalent to a 7-inch LCD was added. This product was embedded and the additional parts were covered by a suitable graphic.
In order to identify the design requirements and find out the user’s relationship with the device, metotec design team used the field observation method to discover the problems of working with the previous device.
All stages of initial prototyping until the final production of the device were done by the metotec team using different production methods and with the best possible quality.


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