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Xima S20

Xima S20 is a smart GNSS RTK. It’s suitable for mapping in challenging conditions with high accuracy and speed.
Hiro Negar Pars
Saeed Khosravi

Overview Projects

This device is in the field of IOT devices with the ability to map with centimeter accuracy and gives plan output for engineering software.
XiMA S20 is the smallest multi-frequency receiver from the XiMA product series, but with the same accuracy and speed in picking points, and the receiver status screen is another advantage of this product.
Most GPS mapping devices have a circular shape and are produced in large sizes, but in the design of Xima, an attempt was made to use a square shape with soft corners and create meaningful lines on the body of the device to change the shape of this device.
This device has the IP65 standard and is resistant to water and humidity, and this point has been well implemented in its construction and production. The assembly type of screws to the body is also unique.


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