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Presence of Mototec DesignLab at the Iran Health Exhibition with a “Change”

  The Metotec team has carried out very valuable projects in the field of medical equipment over the course of 17 years of experience in the field of design and production of various products. This experience has led them to have a very prominent presence at the 25th International Medical Equipment Exhibition"Iran Health".   After the major changes that took place in 'Metotec' and its name was changed to 'Metotec DesignLab' after 15 years, and its services were expanded, now was the time for our slogan, which represents our broad vision, to change. So instead of 'Make it with Design', we are now getting closer to our goals with this slogan: "Change with Design". The display of Metotec Design Lab's works at Iran Health was accompanied by very good reception from the visitors, and many companies became familiar with our services, and very valuable collaborations were formed. The Metotec Design Lab team, by participating in this exhibition and introducing its special strategies and visions, signed memorandums of understanding to promote and develop the country's design through the establishment of a joint venture unit. These joint venture R&D units were created in the fields of laser technology, IOT, Robotics, Nanotechnology, and new Materials. Therefore, the company's C-level mission to develop these technologies was shaped with the investment of venture capital funds. In this direction, the design and manufacture of low-risk products in the field of family health and wellness was started as the first startup project. Over the years, we have had very valuable colleagues who have accompanied us, and their excellent works have become part of Metotec's history.
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