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Exhibition stand design for AtlasNoor Co.

During Metotec's experience, there were some projects that, in addition to the main product design, side designs were also done for them at the request of the client. In this article, we are going to discuss one of these projects. AtlasNoor is a company with a history in the field of street lights. This company needed a special and unique stand to participate in the exhibition. Considering that one of the street light models of this company was designed by Metotec(Mr. Emad Rezayat) , our team took over the design of this stand.   In the design of this project, various needs were seen and various ideas were presented to meet these needs. For example, the ability to rotate the part of city lights using a hinge in order to use the space optimally and create additional space for other products was one of the features presented in the concepts. Considering the many details that were in the products of this company, the use of minimal approach to balance the form and not create visual distortion was one of the main approaches in the design of this project.

Final Design

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